Get ready to experience teaching abroad

Let's add some adventure and learning to your teaching career. In this blog, we have listed career opportunities for french teachers in Europe. Education is a never-ending process. Learning together is an opportunity for successful learning. Everyone regardless of their age and profession has something to give, exchanging what we have promotes successful learning. In..

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NEW EDUCATION POLICY 2021 – A Teacher’s Perspective

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is drastically changing the lives of people, including the lives of students. Schools and universities have closed, exams and events postponed, the usual health information services are limited, socializing with friends and wider family is highly discouraged and even punishable in some places. Outdoor learning & experiential camping have..

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The need of continued education for the French teacher

Education, it is a never-ending process. It doesn’t stop even after earning a degree or becoming a teacher. Through continuing education, career-minded individuals especially foreign language teachers can constantly improve their skills and become more proficient at their jobs. Continuing education will help foreign language teachers discovering new teaching strategies through professional development, they are..

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New changes in the certification exam of DELF Scolaire & DELF Jr

Do you know that the French govt. is doing far-reaching changes in the evaluation of DELF Scolaire & DELF Jr.? If not then, you are at the right place. Le Frehindi-Paris breaks the news to all French teachers in India on some of the changes which are so beneficial to your students that you will..

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Uniforme ou pas uniforme ?

SOCIÉTÉ. Uniforme ou pas uniforme? De plus en plus d'écoles partout dans le monde imposent le port d'un uniforme. Les raisons invoquées sont variées. Certains établissements sont inquiets de l'hypersexualisation chez les jeunes et veulent freiner la tendance. D'autres veulent empêcher les étudiants de porter des vêtements avec des images ou slogans violents. Certains établissements..

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Wondering what’s Rentrée & Pizza has in common ?

Wondering what's Rentrée & Pizza has in common ? Surprised to see a “Rentrée promos”for Pizza from Domino’s, well don’t as September & Ocotober are the months of “Back to Work” for France. An culture very unique to France where everyone right from pizza delivery companies offering hot deals, corportae joining back over few drinks,..

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L’atelier – Activités et jeux de classe pour augmenter le vocabulaire français

L’atelier d’une journée à sur les “activités et jeux de classe pour augmenter le vocabulaire français” à BASAVA International était dirigé aujourd’hui par Mr Haru Mehra et Dr Manju Anand. Des professeurs de différentes écoles de Delhi et de sa région ont participé à l’atelier où les professeurs étaient complètement absorbés par l’atelier dès le..

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