The need of continued education for the French teacher

Education, it is a never-ending process. It doesn’t stop even after earning a degree or becoming a teacher. Through continuing education, career-minded individuals especially foreign language teachers can constantly improve their skills and become more proficient at their jobs. Continuing education will help foreign language teachers discovering new teaching strategies through professional development, they are able to go back to the classroom and make changes to their lecture styles and curricula to better suit the needs of their students as students had changed a lot over the decades.

When was the last time you learned something new just because you wanted to? Why do you think French teachers should also be learners? Should French teachers be learners too?

The need of continued education is important for French teachers for a variety of reasons. Below listing Pointers are the five major reason which is why the need of continued education is important for French Teachers:

  • French language teacher as a learner

It’s easy for French teachers to become burdened by the grind of teaching. Continuing education makes French teachers develop professionally. Professional development gives them an opportunity to step out of their routine — they will get the opportunity of becoming a student instead of the teacher. This keeps French language teachers engaged because they feel like they are receiving the professional help they need to be better teachers. After all, professional development will nurture the talents of French teachers who aspire to take on educational leadership positions. Implementing professional education development has benefits for both French teachers and French learning students, but most importantly, it helps French teachers to become better educators and develop into competent future school administrators.

Teacher as a learner
  • Learning has no age

To learn to speak well, French language teachers need to spend a lot of time speaking; in order to learn to read quickly and effectively, they need to spend a lot of time reading, and so forth. Continuing education will help them to practice the French language. The way students learn has changed immensely over the last decades. Students no longer sit in traditional rows in classrooms to receive any kind of instruction that is solely delivered by their teacher. Therefore, French teachers need to stay abreast on the best current instructional practices to meet the needs of students and also for their better understanding.

  • French language teachers need a lot of practice

French language teachers assist students in learning French language from the conversational level through fluency. To be successful, a French language teacher must be fluent in the language to be taught. We all had made mistakes and learned so much along the way. Becoming a learner will make us better teachers because we will better understand the struggles of our students as well as how we can better support their struggle. And also French language teachers need repeated practice as the new things are coming, so the French language and culture are changing and growing.

Practice makes a man perfect
  • More effective encouragement

An ongoing experience as a French language learner will enhance your French language teaching is that it will deepen your understanding of what it feels like to try to learn a new language. As we argue, foreign language learning is a battle of the heart as much as of the mind, and your ability to empathize with students—to know how they feel— is the first step toward knowing how to more effectively encourage and motivate them (not to mention knowing how to avoid overwhelming them).

More effective encouragement
  • Enhancing skills with time

As the foreign culture keeps on changing, it’s important for foreign language teachers to stay updated with culture. Thirty years ago, France was very much different culturally comparing to today’s France. If French language teacher will not stay updated, the students will be unable to cop up with the society and time. French language teachers have to deal with the new concerns and trends related to post-modern era. They need to consider their own personal factors in motivating learners to become  highly motivated and autonomous in their language learning. In point of fact, French teachers’ awareness of related theories, approaches, methods and techniques equip them with the knowledge of how  to deal with the social constructivist elements of French language teaching. Being a lifelong learner plays an important role in the educational process for anyone. It helps teachers incorporate new tools and strategies into the learning process to boost their students’ learning development. Teachers who are lifelong learners are more successful.

Problems that schools are facing nowadays

  1. In school, 30-40 minutes of actual classes take place that too twice a week in many CBSE schools which is not enough to teach all 4 aspects of language which is reading, writing, listening and oral.
  2. Teachers involved with a lot of reporting, examination & other school activity work other than teaching.
  3. There is the need for more systematic French activities/contests.
  4. There is the need of MFL (Modern foreign language) activities which will make French language classrooms more interesting.
  5. French is taught from 5th / 6th to 10th generally but in some schools it starts from 1st,2nd, 3rd & 4th.
  6. Till 8th there is no prescribed book by  CBSE. (NCERT Book comes only for 9th & 10th)
  7. Books developed by current publishers as per selling proposition & ease of teaching

What is the ultimate solution of continuing education for French language teachers

Solution by UGA-Frehindi

Increasingly French teachers all over the world are using the APPPP method of interactively teaching French which Le Frehindi-Paris developed in association with 900 years old University of Grenoble.

In this method teachers are given resources like interactive PPTs, On demand Audios, Trained on interactive games for each lessons & are also provide all the resources to make French teaching more interesting :

Introduction to APPPP Method :

  • A : Activity
  • P : Phonetic (existing & on-demand)
  • P : Power Point Presentation (extensive and cultural aspects)
  • P : Practice (exercises)
  • P : Performance

What are the essentials of  APPPP Method :

  • Designed APPPP method of teaching where all fours aspects of the language are incorporated in lessons.
  • Teachers get extensive readymade PPTs to increase the student’s experience & saving preparation time for the lesson.
  • Teachers get existing & on demand phonetics ( audios ) quickly from France.
  • Teachers get readymade evaluation work sheets which can used to periodically test students progress.
  • Teachers get a work book with answers to make students practice the grammar and written comprehension part.
  • Back end team with one dedicated resource to help/share ideas in roll out/conduct all activities in the school.

Le Frehindi Paris helps French language teachers evolving culturally and linguistically with France through their training which will help them exploring French language along with French culture. As practice makes a man perfect, Le Frehindi Paris makes French teachers practice French language and trying making them perfect with it through their training.

To be a part of this professional development stay connected with Le Frehindi.

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