French Spell Bee Workshops | Importance and FAQs

Highlighting the role of spell bee workshop conducted by Le Frehindi-Paris for the preparation of 9th International French Spell bee (2021-22)

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Virtual Spell bee workshop for students

Yes! You heard it right the 9th International French Spell bee is being held and is open for participation to all French learning students from non-francophone countries. Over 1 lakh participants have already passed through the esteemed competition in the last 9 years.

International French Spell bee is a highly acclaimed competition that compels pupils to not only remember the spelling of a word but also learn its definition, know its usage and its root form, all while correctly pronouncing it. Students gain extensive vocabulary and as a result, excel at reading, writing and speaking of the French language.

As part of our efforts to impart information, better prepare and motivate students to participate in this prestigious and much anticipated contest, Le Frehindi-Paris is giving FREE VIRTUAL & INTERACTIVE workshops to students via their schools.

International French Spell bee is a much coveted competition and requires diligence and dedication from a contestant. These spell bee workshops are an instrumental factor in the overall preparation system of a student. French Spell bee workshop allows students and teachers to gain an insight about the various aspects of the competition as well as supplies necessary data for a successful running in the contest.

With various engaging activities and demo sessions, the French Spell bee workshop is a complete package that will enhance the performance of a participant and drive better results for the schools and teachers. These workshops will encourage students and provide knowledge on, how events such as International French Spell bee play a major role in their development as a multi-linguistic person.


Who will conduct the workshop?

The workshop will be conducted by Le Frehindi-Paris team members.

What will be the teachers and school’s role in the workshop?

Schools and teachers will be the facilitators of the workshop. They will need to notify us when to conduct the workshop for their school (date and time as per available slots). Teachers will have to gather and inform students about the workshop.

What is the pricing of the workshop?

The workshop is virtual and absolutely FREE.

How long is the workshop (duration)?

The workshop is for around 45 minutes to an hour.

Will there be doubt solving session involved?

YES! There will multiple doubt solving sessions and question answer rounds during the workshop.

How to book a workshop?

Just contact Le Frehindi-Paris team via email / WhatsApp or give us a call anytime between Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to 6pm.

How many students can take part in a workshop?

A group of 50 or so students can be formed for a single workshop.

Can it be conducted class / standard wise?

YES! We can provide a class & standard wise workshop to any particular school.

Is it only for participants / students who have already enrolled for the competition?

NO! All students regardless of registration status can be a part of the workshop.

What platform will be used?

Open to suggestions from school as to what platform can be used. Though generally we host these virtual workshops on platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom call.

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