Workshops For French Educators

The COVID-19 pandemic has badly affected the education system. There has been a lot of changes in the syllabus, exam pattern, method of evaluation, etc. All things affect students as well as teachers. They have very well adapted to the new methods of learning and teaching. Advanced technology has definitely been a boon that made..

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Le Frehindi’s Plan for 2022

Le Frehindi helps youth to become global citizens via creative and experiential-based scholastic tours, camps and various platforms. It aids the schools and educational institutions to go global with exchange programs. We bring & specialize in wonderful & safe options for excellent short & long term trips/programs in a completely safe environment for the Indian..

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We are missing our ” Bonhomme de Neige” in early 2021

Every year starting October hundreds of students from Universities & Schools in France await the Indian students for an wonderful winter experience. One of the joint activities taken by students is to create snowmen called “Bonhomme de Neige” in French from the fresh snow that falls during the season from December to February every year. […]

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