L’Exposition sur les 50 ans des Beatles à Rishikesh

LesBeatles, le groupe de rock anglais, a été formé avec quatre chanteurs talentueux nommés John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison et Ringo Starr à Liverpool en 1960. C’est le groupe de musique le plus influent de tous les temps et a joué un rôle important dans l’évolution de l’industrie de la musique depuis lors. En..

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How learning Spoken French make a university student: Job ready in Hospitality Industry in India and Abroad?

“The menu is not the meal” –Exploring languages has always created doors of opportunities for any domain. As discussing the importance of Hospitality Industry or The Industry of Welcoming Princeton plays a vital role in assuring the comfortability of the visitors. We see the universities taking efforts in organizing mandatory sessions for improving foreign languages..

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Profile of Haru MEHRA – President & CEO

Hello/Bonjour/Namaste!  This is Harbinder Singh Mehra, fondly nicknamed as 'Haru' in the industry, Founder and CEO of a Paris-based organization, Le Frehindi. Our organization works towards shaping the future of today's youth via experiential-based scholastic tours, implementation of online & offline linguistic programs, events, contests, and language assessment certifications. These programs help to pave the..

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