Have you ever wondered what devices would we be using in the coming years? Will there be flying cars or life on Mars? Do you think robots would walk on the streets to do our job and we would have all virtual power? Well, it is difficult to say that all of these may not happen, which means there are high possibilities of our lives being ruled by artificial intelligence in the coming few years.

A century ago nobody knew that we would be talking over a gadget that runs on electricity. Or we would have all our problems solved over a google search. Or we would have LED bulbs that themselves turned dim when it is time to sleep. Or we would get news and information from social media and the list continues. The point is all of this has evolved with time. With the advent of the internet, the twenty-first century is called the age of technology.

Many countries in the world focus on Research and Development. They know the potential of technology and the changes it can bring in this tremendously changing world. The fact that the world had to go through a deadly pandemic recently made us all the more dependent on technology. We realized it not only can be used for learning but several other things. Schools and colleges conduct classes over a virtually, big and small all kinds of businesses are now having an internet presence, people work digitally and earn money through the same. All of these things have normalized in the pandemic and things would barely be the same.

Artificial Intelligence will be the new normal in the coming days. It is existing even today and will be more obvious in the future. It is important to know that all software systems developed are done through a programming language. Writing down a programming language and running it without any error is coding. Countries like Finland and Japan have already introduced it in the syllabus of their school students. Likewise, India has decided to bring coding to the syllabus of school children from class 6 as mentioned in the New Education Policy.

With an increase in the number of devices that work on the principle of artificial intelligence, it is important to know to code. Innovations are happening each day and they not only make our lives easier but prove beneficial for nature as well. The usage of gadgets like smartwatches, and other appliances like smart TV, refrigerator, and air conditioner which function over a specific set of special commands make them different from the rest. Smartwatches can track your water intake level, heartbeat and count your footsteps. New era televisions can be connected to the internet. Latest refrigerators close the door itself if one leaves it open. The new kind of air conditioners, fans, and bulbs automatically turn them off if there is no human presence. This in turn helps in the conservation of energy.

There is a huge possibility that all games designed in the future would involve artificial intelligence. There would be more hosts to talk to like Alexa and Siri. There would be a robotic version of police to control traffic. Missiles and other warfare types of equipment would use robotic inputs to fight a war. Thus, we might proceed to a generation where coding and programming languages are embedded in everything we see, think, use around us.

To keep up with the times and having the realization of what coding could be used for in the future we need to imbibe it. For the millennial kids who are growing in the era of technology, it would be very normal to code.

Hence to create awareness about the coding world Le Frehindi brings to you Coding Olympiad 2021. You can participate to learn and win many exciting prizes.

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