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Namasté / Bonjour / Hello, I am Harbinder Singh MEHRA ( Haru ), the President, author & principal blogger & trainer for the LAF's project Inde-Contemporaine under the patronage of the Indian Embassy in Paris. Apart from that, I am also the CEO of Paris & Lyon based Le Frehindi which is an Indo-French organisation licensed by ATOUT-France with associate offices in New Delhi, Mumbai & Dubai in the Middle East. Something about LAF ( L'Association Frehindi ) : The objective of the L'Association Frehindi ( English ) To promote global understanding with special focus on youth of France & Francophone countries with the youth from Indian subcontinent by showcasing a contemporary aspect of both regions in areas of cultural & linguistic integration, appreciating of heritage & getting to know the importance of natural wellbeing via online & offline activities such as workshops, fairs, events, meet-ups, counselling sessions, intercultural workshops in partnerships/collaborations with local institutions, cultural organisations, embassies & companies in both the regions. The association seeks to work in the following areas : I. Events/fairs/conferences/workshops under the patronage of the Indian Embassy in France. 1)To celebrate & promote contemporary India & France with today's youth. 2)To let discover the traditional historic Indo-French strengths, economic opportunities & partnership possibilities. 3)To promote arts & artists from either region. 4) To jointly host events & fairs every year in France, Francophone countries & the Indian subcontinent to promote friendship/partnerships between different regions linking the general population with a special focus on youth. II. Alps-Himalayas Project 1) To increase cultural & economic affinity of youth & businesses between Rhone-Alps & Himalayas regions of India, Bhutan & Nepal. 2) To conduct & promote joint Indo-French expeditions & excursions. 3) To help the tribals & locals in Himalayan regions to preserve the environment by sustainable means. III. Intercultural Activités 1) To conduct linguistic-based inter cultural activités with the help of virtual tours & offline sessions between youth & teachers for both French, Hindi & various other regional languages. 2) To conduct sessions / classes on inter-cultural understanding, ways of doing business, dances & letting discover the rich heritage. 3) To conduct fundraising activities for all such cultural & heritage discovery exchanges. IV. Indo-French youth club : 1) To help the Indian students coming to France to integrate culturally, logistically & linguistically by providing pre & post landing counselling workshops & vice-versa for French students going to the Indian subcontinent. 2) To help the youth discover skill development programs, internships & recruitment opportunities available in all the regions. 3) To work in partnership with local SME'S for supporting & training of the youth of India & France. 4) To enable students & teachers in France to help online & offline the underprivileged children in the Indian subcontinent by imparting training based on languages & soft skill development. 5) To conduct Indo-french youth camps in all Francophone regions with a special focus on Rhone-Alps regions, Himalayas & Auroville in Pondicherry. V. Promoting Natural Wellbeing & boosting immunity naturally : 1) The association will seek to promote the benefits of Yoga & Ayurveda in France among youth & conduct awareness sessions with experts from India & Srilanka. 2) The association will celebrate World Yoga Day & World Ayurveda day by conducting events & workshops for the youth. 3) The association will produce both online & offline content like blogs, books, broachers etc to Promote yoga & Ayurveda. 4) The association will work closely with Bio-shops to promote vegan & vegetarian food among the youth. Come be a part of the LAF growing team & become ambassadors for the Indian subcontinent & its ability to take modernity with traditional values and ethos. Write to us at All the best. Harbinder Singh MEHRA, President, L'Association Frehindi Lyon VILLETTE GARE IMMEUBLE LE BONNEL 20 rue de la Villette 69003 Lyon Tel : +330601360996

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Le premier Indien champion olympique d’athlétisme : La prochaine étape est la préparation des Jeux olympiques en France en 2024.

TOKYO 2020 - NEERAJ CHOPRA REMPORTE LE PREMIER TITRE OLYMPIQUE DE L'HISTOIRE DE L'INDE EN ATHLÉTISME Neeraj Chopra d'Inde Neeraj Chopra est devenu samedi le premier Indien champion olympique d'athlétisme, en remportant le concours du javelot, samedi au stade Olympique de Tokyo. Avec 87,58 m dès son premier essai, il a devancé les Tchèques Jakub..

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Paris reopens – Watch main attractions buzz live !!

Every year Le Frehindi welcomes thousands of students & educators from across the globe for its unique scholastic tours, exchange programs & short term study abroad programs in collaboration with its partner schools & universities in France & the Indian subcontinent. As France opened up early this week, we would like to take you to..

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Prithika Pavade- An Indian origin girl qualifies for her first Olympic Games representing France.

Prodigy of the table tennis section of Saint-Denis, Prithika Pavade brilliantly validated her ticket for the Tokyo Olympic Games at just 16 years of age, and six months after the death of her trainer, Nicolas Greiner. In France, Chief of the table tennis association Jean-Claude Molet observed her game keenly. “It’s an amazing performance because..

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Profile of Haru MEHRA – President & CEO

Hello/Bonjour/Namaste!  This is Harbinder Singh Mehra, fondly nicknamed as 'Haru' in the industry, Founder and CEO of a Paris-based organization, Le Frehindi. Our organization works towards shaping the future of today's youth via experiential-based scholastic tours, implementation of online & offline linguistic programs, events, contests, and language assessment certifications. These programs help to pave the..

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ISA Projects International Collaborations

As part of Le Frehindi-Paris initiative to help Indian schools to upgrade themselves to become world-class institutions imparting the best quality education & global exposure to their wonderful students, an aided minority school namely Guru Harkrishan Public School was helped by our team in Lyon to help them find a partner school in France &..

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New changes in the certification exam of DELF Scolaire & DELF Jr

Do you know that the French govt. is doing far-reaching changes in the evaluation of DELF Scolaire & DELF Jr.? If not then, you are at the right place. Le Frehindi-Paris breaks the news to all French teachers in India on some of the changes which are so beneficial to your students that you will..

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We are missing our ” Bonhomme de Neige” in early 2021

Every year starting October hundreds of students from Universities & Schools in France await the Indian students for an wonderful winter experience. One of the joint activities taken by students is to create snowmen called “Bonhomme de Neige” in French from the fresh snow that falls during the season from December to February every year. […]

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