FLE Training in France

Why an Indian teacher must take continued FLE training each year from language experts in France?

Are you a French as a foreign language teacher to Indian learners? Yes?

The French language is evolving. So, maybe it’s time to update your French language skills. What could be better than a teacher’s training in France! Many training courses for FLE teachers are offered in France, either by the Alliance Française, language schools or public universities.

What is a FLE teacher’s training?

In India, French is becoming a more and more popular foreign language and teachers of French as a foreign language or FLE are always in demand. A French teacher’s training course is aimed at all teachers of the French language, whether they teach at school, university or at the Alliance Française in India, having various audiences (children, young adolescents, adults or the elderly) in various institutions (private schools, language schools, Alliance Française, university). Such training focuses primarily on teaching methodology in order to develop the teaching skills of teachers. It also offers French language teachers a variety of modules on different aspects of learning and teaching, be it French culture or phonetics.

Why do a teacher’s training in French?

A training for French language teachers is essential as it allows Indian teachers to:

– understand the teaching of French in an institutional context such as the classroom,

– to plan their lessons,

– manage a foreign language class

– discover new practices that make learning French easier,

– update their language skills,

– and enrich their old teaching practices

Having finished a teacher’s training in French, you Indian teachers will have a privilege on the job market!

Why go to France to do a FLE training?

French is a foreign language for Indians. It is not the language of everyday life, meaning there is no opportunity to practice it every day. And each language evolves with the passage of time. Thus, the nuances and subtleties of French escape from us. In this way, a course for teachers offers a linguistic bath. Regular trainings in France allow teachers to update their knowledge of the French language, including learning the different language registers, slang, verlan, idioms, colloquial words, etc. They also offer an opportunity to overcome the limitation of not having access to the French environment in India. Through the training program, for a few days teachers are immersed in the French culture and are expected to speak only French. The teachers also get to know other teachers of different nationalities thus enriching their intercultural notions.

Teacher training enables teachers to update their cultural knowledge about the country and its society. It also allows them to learn about new methodologies, the use of technology, digital practices, etc. while discovering new activities.

France offers Indian teachers various training programs with specific aims such as: how to motivate learners to learn French, how to teach in a fun way, how to make a French class more dynamic? They are also focused on different linguistic skills (oral production, written production, oral comprehension, written comprehension.) The courses also allow them to learn to teach the different aspects of the French language whether it is grammar, lexicon or phonetics.

Many teacher’s training courses are offered by public universities such as the University of Besançon, Aix-Marseille, Grenoble-Alpes, Perpignan, among others. These courses are intended for beginners as well as experienced teachers. Different modules are open to teachers according to their expectations and needs.

Apart from public universities there are also language schools which offer a wide range of training courses for FLE teachers. Among them are CILFA or Annecy International French Language Center which focuses on French and French culture. The International School in Paris is known for its action-oriented approach. In Nice, Bordeaux and Biarritz, France langue is aimed at young teachers by offering them lessons on group strategies. In Toulouse, at Langue onze you can study classroom practices. And all this at an affordable price! One or two weeks of training cost less than 1500 euros in France. For programs which are of 1-2 years scholarship can also be offered by universities or the French Government.

Following a training course in France also allows teachers not only to move forward in their professional lives but also to take advantage of vacations. Teachers can discover France by visiting other parts of the country, tasting crepes and some good red wine, drinking coffee in a neighborhood bistro, or meeting locals and making lifelong friends. Thus doing an internship for FLE teachers in France offers Indian teachers the means to relive their passion for the French language.

Delicious French dishes
Dinner at a French Restaurant
French Cuisine

The points mentioned above allow us to say that Indian teachers of French as a foreign language must do a teacher’s training course every year from France for many reasons; to update their knowledge on new trends in the teaching of French; improve their French (master pronunciation, language registers, slang and colloquial words) and progress in your career. In addition, these trainings have a socio-cultural aspect too as they offer teachers a very good opportunity to get to know the country better and more people.

What a great way to combine vacation and work!

Le Frehindi, Paris along with CUF, University of Grenoble, conducts FLE Training every year in France.

Teachers went to France for FLE Training

How this training program will help you?

1- Improve your French skills in the beautiful campus of Grenoble University.

2- Stay with host family and immerse yourself completely in French culture.

3- Give a boost to your career with Le Frehindi, Paris, expand your horizons, go beyond the regular and get certificate of completion at the end of the program.

4- Be a part of this opportunity and come back as more refined, well informed and confident individuals who can make difference in their lives as well as in others.

5- Hands on experience of living in foreign country and become a true Global Citizen who can operate beyond the boundaries.

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See you in 2022 in France !!

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