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Let’s add some adventure and learning to your teaching career. In this blog, we have listed career opportunities for french teachers in Europe. Education is a never-ending process. Learning together is an opportunity for successful learning. Everyone regardless of their age and profession has something to give, exchanging what we have promotes successful learning. In my opinion, teaching is one of the noblest professions as you get an opportunity to train young minds. The professional growth of teachers is equally important. As the environment is constantly changing, it is essential to upgrade our skills to grow. We at Le Frehindi organise regular volunteer training programs every June for the teachers.

But this time we have a little more to offer. Le Frehindi brings in various career opportunities for French teachers in Europe.

Teachers training

1. Contract teaching in France.

2. Assistant d’anglaise

3. Erasmus Teaching Staff Opportunity

4. Short term internships at Le Frehindi-Paris projects in France (2-3 months)

5. You’re startups in France.

The details are mentioned below. Go through and choose the best.

1. Contract teaching in France- Under this program, the teacher can come to France for one year to work as an English teacher in our partner schools and universities. This is a contractual program that can be renewed after a year. Salary around 1100 to 2000 euros.

Requirement- French B1 level, IELTS – 7.50+.

2. Assistant d’Anglaise– The English Language Assistants Programmed is offered by the Ministry of Education and is managed by the Embassy of France/ Institut Français en Inde. The program enrols around 200 Indian students annually for teaching English to French students. The duration of the program is 7 months from 1 October to 30 April of next year.  Salary about 800 Euros.

Requirement- DELF B1 level of French with IELTS score 7.5.

3. Erasmus Teaching Staff – Erasmus + supports training activities for teachers abroad for professionals involved in pre-primary, primary and secondary school education. These opportunities consist of training, courses and job shadowing periods at educational institutes. The training period lasts a minimum of two days to one month and two months(job shadowing).

Requirement– Your school must have Erasmus+ accreditation in school education.

4. Short Term Internships with Le Frehindi -The applicants can apply for an internship with our Paris or Lyon division to gain experience on various multi-cultural projects & to improve their French with local immersion. India at 75 events ( Amrit Mahotsav ) in 2022 & 23 in France to be organized by us. The program is partially funded we provide accommodation, local transport cards, and fooding. These are theme-based internships. The duration is 2 to 3 months non-stipend based.

5. Startups – Have an Idea? – Yes, If you have an innovative idea to open a startup in France then Le Frehindi -Paris can accompany you & guide you through the process. This program will be conducted active help of Business France & IFCCI.

Why teach abroad?

Skill Development- An opportunity to work with an international school or university helps you to learn about a new education system that can help you to amend your way of teaching.

Professional Opportunities- International experience makes you more valuable than other potential candidates.

Culture- While you live and work in France, you can experience the culture and form new relations. Outside of your job, knowing the culture of France is essential for a French-language student or teacher.

Have dozens of questions?

Le Frehindi conducts webinars to help individuals reach out to us directly with their doubts and queries. Here is the link to one such webinar with Mr Haru Mehra as the head speaker. We also have 2 other guests speakers who have previously been part of the program Assistante d’anglaise.

Shraddha Aggarwal – Teaching at Alliance Française de Delhi. She is pursuing her masters from Sorbonne nouvelle Paris at distance. She went to Montpellier for Assistante Anglaise in 2018 and to Paris in 2019.

Anish Kumar – He has been a student of Alliance Française de Delhi and went to Assitant d’anglaise to France in the year 2020.


If you are planning to teach abroad and unable to find opportunities. We are here as a solution to your problem. Whether you plan on working online or teaching students in person, teaching is a career path that can make this happen. Don’t miss the opportunity of being a part of this learning experience that will give a boost to your career. For more information stay connected by visiting our corporate site

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