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    How do we accompany students on exchange programs while departure & arrival in Europe?

    Scholastic tour France 2022 Exchange programs can jumpstart a student’s pathway to higher studies and a career in technology, medicine, media, environment, etc. The students get to know the advent of international travel and cultural immersion. As a result, they can be globally-minded leaders, innovators, and change-bringers. Le Frehindi is a Paris-based Student Benefit Organization..

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    10 benefits of our internship programs FOR university studeNTs

    Do you believe in planning step–ahead decisions in your lives? Then this blog is just for you. Plan and manifest your long-term plans with Le Frehindi Scholastic Tour Program. Here are ten potential benefits of our internship programs during university studies: Relevant work experience: Internship programs can provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on..

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    Le Frehindi powers Lyon’s first Ayurveda-based beauty and wellness center L’AYURAURA

    Launching a first of its kind first Ayurveda-based beauty and wellness center - L'Ayuraura On 26 th November L’Ayuraura celebrated its inauguration at 1 rue de belfort 69004, croix-rousse, Lyon. Launching a first of its kind Ayurveda-based beauty and wellness center.  L’Ayuraura is an Indo-French initiative created by Ms. Laxmi MEHRA under the patronage of..

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    Launch of le frehindi Helsinki youth center

    Helsinki is the vibrant capital of Finland with its beautiful Nordic culture and world-acclaimed education system. Le Frehindi proudly inaugurates its first Helsinki Youth Centre this new Year 2022. With the experience of more than eight years in Educational tours across Europe, Le Frehindi designs a holistic and experiential tour for students in Helsinki. The..

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