Launch of le frehindi Helsinki youth center

Helsinki is the vibrant capital of Finland with its beautiful Nordic culture and world-acclaimed education system. Le Frehindi proudly inaugurates its first Helsinki Youth Centre this new Year 2022. With the experience of more than eight years in Educational tours across Europe, Le Frehindi designs a holistic and experiential tour for students in Helsinki. The tours are once in lifetime experience to experience Helsinki and to exchange with Finnish students their way of “happy” studying. As the country itself is one of the happiest nations in the world, its education forms the root of that happiness. The secret behind happiness and education is focused upon nature-bound studying, stressless and peer pressure less. Learning life skills directly from mother Earth and by well-trained teachers from across the world.

Le Frehindi Youth Centre, Helsinki
The rooms of the Youth Centre, Helsinki

Le Frehindi brings a series of Scholastic tours for students to explore:

Scholastic Tour 1:

Location: Helsinki and around

The students can experience outdoor education, which forms the basis of Finnish education for example best mushroom picking or looking after farms. This connect youth with the nature around them. The outdoor education will be followed by the city tour of Helsinki and around. After an experiential tour

of Helsinki, now moving towards Finland’s largest lake, Lake Saimaa which is only a few hours away from Helsinki. This lake was formed in between the archipelago of 14000 islands around. The calm and peaceful region around the lake is in the lap of nature where many trees and wild animals find refuge from extinction. The region’s cultural life is rich and varied combined with nature. Enjoy the beautiful and pure Finnish nature, magnificent lake views, and local food and people around.  Another attraction of the region is its ringed seals, if you want to experience dancing with seals then this is the perfect place. It’s the world’s most endangered seal, watching these cute creatures diving and enjoying with family can be your rare happiest moments too. This tour will end with dinner with Indian Embassy in Helsinki. In addition to the tour, students can take Viking ships to Sweden, Estonia, or both from one of the archipelagoes of Finland.

Learn in the lap of nature

Scholastic Tour 2:

The second tour takes you to Northern Finland, the colder region. The home of Santa Claus, the Finnish Lapland, and with his favorite red-nosed reindeer comes down to give away gifts to children. He has many reindeer around namely Valko, Salama, and so on… our next trip will be an exciting reindeer farm visit where you can too ride your favorite reindeer sleigh just like your Santa. Children can feed these wise and beautiful animals by themselves too. For centuries Sami people, original inhabitants of the region have been taking care of these reindeer in Arctic regions. For canine lovers, the northern region is another reason for being their favorite. They will meet their furry Husky dogs in their Husky farms. Among the thick, soft-covered snow all around the huskies love to play with the people. The outdoor activities here include snowmobiles, dog sledding, skiing, and so on with your furry and most energetic friends. Another amazing experience is to catch your fish in ice fishing, a game of patience, and being calm to catch a perfect fish.

The beauty of the region comes in winter which is pure and peaceful. With coniferous trees around and covered with beard mosses and green lichen that has actually disappeared from South Finland due to pollution and over-population. With such a fairy tale setting all around. People during the winters love the Kaamos, the darkest time of the year. Gazing at the Northern lights in the sky or watching the bright stars glowing magically in the sky can take you to another world. The time pauses itself.

The students would also get a northern lights workshop popularly known as Aurore Borealis, a magical hour of blessings from the sky for localities. Ending with an igloo visit of the polar region. The specially designed warm igloos can keep you warm even at -40 degrees celsius. The option for adventurous snow biking is also provided as a nature-friendly country, Finnish students love to ride bicycles even during the snow to reach their school in -18 degrees celsius.

The beautiful Northern lights
The ice fishing demo
The happiness of finding your own reindeer
Snowmobile in North of Finland

Where students will stay, eat and rest?

The south of Finland is much warmer than the Northern regions. The northern regions boast of snow and its winter. For the north, the best time to visit is from December to March to experience the best. Our scholastic tour 2 can be only experienced during the winters. Where Christmas time is the most expensive time for Indian tourists and should be avoided. Tour 1 can be taken around summer and spring to enjoy the best nature and wildlife around. The rooms of the youth center and the dormitory can include four to ten beds with a bathroom, access to WIFI, and traditional Finnish dishes served. You can also experience the Finnish sauna experience too in these centers. The meal is served provided by the canteen of the youth center. Although the objective of the tour is to relish the local cuisine, Indian vegetarian food is served.

Finnish meal served
The rooms of the dormitory

Team Le Frehindi in Europe is all ready to welcome you & your students for a wonderful Nordic experience.

For details do mail us at or call us at 9811237067/50.

Alternatively you may WhatsApp at our Paris number +330601360996.

Team Le Frehindi -Paris

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