Winter camps in Auroville

Let’s go camping

To begin with, camping has plentiful benefits for both adults and young people. For students, time spent camping is time spent learning and growing. Moreover, everyone on the trip contributes and it’s a great chance to learn new things. It is one of the most popular community recreation settings for youth who make friends there, learn popular sports, games and develop new hobbies.

Advantages of camping

Winter camps provide opportunities for children to grow.
⦁ They engage in social interaction with other children of similar ages and interests which is an integral part of the modern-day lifestyle.
⦁ One of the other important benefits of camping for students is learning independence in a safe and controlled environment.

Research shows that dealing with new challenges and experiences can keep our brains healthy, as they force us to think for ourselves. They can enhance self-confidence, growth, and happiness, too.

Are you thinking of taking your students’ camping soon?

Here, we are organizing a scholastic & cultural winter camping to the Auroville City of Dawn’ in Pondicherry for the students. Camping with children requires planning, proper implementation, and an adventure full of booze. Students follow a routine and need proper care. So, if we can maintain their daily sleep schedule and routine similar to the way it is at home, we are well on our way to a successful adventure. Let’s take a quick ride to a special kind of ” Playworld in Auroville “.

Students enjoying nature walks.

Auroville at a glance

Auroville, meaning the City of Dawn. It is situated in the union territory of Pondicherry. The city is based on the principles of peace and harmony. One of the goals of Auroville is to be free of religion, politics, and nationality. Also, known as an experimental town. It was started in 1968 with the backing of UNESCO. This beautiful city attracts a large number of spiritual seekers. People from around 49 different countries reside in this unique township. A weekend plan to this vibrant city of optimism is worth the time.

Places to visit

Auroville Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches. Also, known as Auro beach. Swimming, surfing, and water sports are major activities.


Matrimandir, translated as ‘Temple of the Mother’ is dedicated to the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Society, Mirra Alfassa the founder of this glorious township.

Musical Park

The musical park is such a treat for students at Auroville. Some of the musical instruments are inspired by nature &
discovered by students in an open musical park. Here, is a glimpse of our visit to a musical park. Click here to watch the full video on our official page.

Matrimandir ‘Temple of the Mother’

What to eat in Auroville?
Auroville is truly a foodie’s heaven. It has one of the best bakeries. One can find all sorts of cuisines here ranging from exquisite Italian, French to traditional South Indian dishes. Some famous places are Ganesh Bakery, Auroville Bakery, authentic French bakery, Sadguru, etc.

What is our Plan?

The Objective of the camping:
This winter camp in Auroville aims to enhance a child’s development by improving his communication, cooperation, and connection skills amongst a diverse group of students and adults. Also, to connect students with the natural surroundings and learn about them.

What and How they will learn?
This educational activity brings together the children for collective learning and the experience of nature. Each camp provides a range of experiences designed to introduce the children to a French colony, increase their environmental awareness, to awaken the spirit of adventure through treks and nature walks. In the camps, children learn to live together in a group and to care for each other and the environment. Everyone, including students, teachers, and other adults, works together to create the camp and to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

Overview of the plan:

The activities vary from week to week and are determined by the team.
Here, is the list of activities included. Here, is the itinerary of the same.

Students will watch a movie on the construction of Auroville & Matrimandir.
Visit Matrimandir.
Improvisation theatre workshop
Explore the Rock of Auro view and Organic farm.

Indo-Spanish treasure hunt.
Guided tour of town hall
Visit Auroville Radio station & meet the DJ’s studio.
Musical instrumentation self-discovery workshop where students discover various musical instruments of the world & also get to play
many of them.
Workshop in Hindi & Tamil by Mme Kalsang a Disciple of Dalai
Lama using various games to let students feel the importance of mediation,
concentration, camaraderie & teamwork.

Visit Aurobindo Samadhi & offer prayers followed by a visit to the
World Ganesha Temple where students get to see & experience Ganesh of
different countries.
Promenade beach to view the life of pie movie locations & final photoshoots & dabs at the beach.

This video captures the highlights of our plan.

Be a part of the fun session
Students playing with colours.

Auroville Nature Camp provides students with an overall development exposing them to numerous challenges in all aspects of the being. Camping helps children to develop a sense of adventure. It will help in shaping a child’s way of thinking. According to new research, children who go camping do better at school and are healthier and happier.

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