Why skill up-gradation is important in the hotel industry?


The learned ability to perform an action with determining results with a good execution can be termed as ‘Skill’. Skill is an art. People need a broad range of skills to contribute to the modern changing world. Skill up-gradation is required in each and every sector. Let’s see how Lefrehindi can contribute to it.

Skill up-gradation is essential to be an accomplished chef.

With the changing times, and growth in customer demand the goalposts in the workplace keeps moving. Skill up-gradation is essential to keep ourselves trained. It keeps us on pace with the rapidly changing world. Our team Lefrehindi has a dynamic approach towards skill-up gradation.

It is important to be up-to-date within our field to understand the constantly changing market. Improving our skills and knowledge will enhance our self-confidenceand keepss us one step higher than our colleagues. This improves our chances of growth at the same company or by switching our job. As the environment is constantly changing, the skills required for dealing with them are constantly changing. We at Lefrehindi organise regular volunteer training programs for the teachers.

An intern’s training.

Growth in the hotel industry

Over the past 20 years, a huge improvement can be observed in all the segments under the Hospitality Industry. All these changes have occurred in the ongoing effort to provide our guests, the best in customer satisfaction and most of the time even exceed expectations. Hotel Industry has come a long way with modern facilities and features.

Chefs serving etiquettes

For instance:

Earlier traditional room booking was followed. Today with the internet, you can now book a room with the touch of your finger. The Traditional Travel Agents are now replaced by Online Travel Agents(the likes of Goibibo, MakeMyTrip, Expedia et al). For example- With this technological advancement, there is a shift of demand towards applicants with good computer skills.

Moreover, for better international guest experience and efficiency english speaking is important for excellent communication. Hence, employees need to have proper training sessions.

In this day and age, restaurant menus are not limited to Italian and Chinese. The demand for a variety of dishes is increasing. As accomplished chefs, they need to have good knowledge and experience to meet the demand.

How we can help?

In India the Himalayan areas including, Himachal, Uttarakhand etc. have a large number of people employed in the hotel industry. With the changing times, the demand is also augmenting. The youngsters are more passionate than the grey population. Hence, it is important to bring in changes as nobody likes to be served the same dish every day. A skilled worker can prepare different products from the same ingredients by using different methods. This would indirectly also help in increasing employment opportunities. Lefrehindi is organising a workshop and training program for bakers. Here, they will learn various things; about the tools and types of equipment used in the bakery, cake making methods, functions of raw material used in the bakery, garnish and platting techniques. Such workshops not only help in upgrading the interns but also bring the taste of french culture to India.

Learn french baking.


I agree surely college is a good way to learn many of the skills, especially business, for hospitality management. But the organization needs to have the proper training for its employees to keep on pace with the rapidly changing world. Also, it is important to focus on work experience as being a tremendously good resource to learn and grow especially if you have a strong work ethic and also learn to learn on your own. Each and every sector be it medical, teaching or corporate should have proper training sessions at regular intervals. The universities and schools should also include basic life skills learning in their curriculum and provide exposure to their students through exchange programs and internships. Be a part of the baking workshop and training program organised by Lefrehindi. For more information stay connected you may visit our corporate site.

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