Virtual Tours: A magical journey

During this covid pandemic, foreign exchange programs were severely affected due to the lockdown imposed in various countries. Schools and universities had also endured extended periods of closure. E-learning replaced traditional methods of learning. Virtual learning proved to be a good substitute for offline learning. To make the sessions more interactive teachers opted for different ways. One such concept of fun learning is virtual tours. In this 2 modern age, don’t keep your students restricted to traditional methods of teaching. Over twenty schools have been part of the virtual tours organized by Le Frehindi since the year 2020 to France and its neighbouring countries. 

This season different schools went on a virtual journey to the most beautiful Christmas market in the world. European Christmas markets are no less festive and impressive.

What are Virtual tours?

A virtual tour provides a virtual experience or is a trip to a place where the person is not physically present.

How it is helpful?

Virtual tours not only keep the student’s interest but also provide them with a practical approach to learning.
As a French language student, such virtual tours are very important to help them understand the French culture.
It lets you “virtually” explore the place that you will visit for real in the future.
Not all students can avail themselves of the opportunity to visit in real. Hence, it is a boon for those students.
It is quite helpful for both parents and students to take a positive decision for choosing the schools and universities.

We have taken up the responsibility to conduct regular virtual trips to France. Gear up for virtual tours to France and experience the Fete de la musique. Let’s celebrate this festive season digitally.

La fête de la musique, also known as “World Music Day,” is the celebration of music and life through free concerts and presentations, mainly outdoors, on the summer solstice each year. This popular manifestation encourages professionals and amateurs alike to play instruments on the streets.

What Le Frehindi does?

Education is not only about notebook learning a practical approach is essential for a proper understanding of the subject. Various exchange programs, internships, co-curricular activities should be introduced and encouraged. LeFrehindi team ensures to make new amendments in its design for students and teachers. The concept of virtual tours has blossomed in the pandemic. Every month we provide opportunities to Indian schools to participate in our virtual tours and help their students gain an understanding of the French culture.

What are we offering?

A guided video tour is presented by the CEO of LeFrehindi. Such tours give a general overview of the city and schools. For doubts and queries, we organise meetings with teaching staff. One of the recent virtual tours organized by LeFrehindi to ‘Marchés de noël’. In France every city has a Christmas market organized one month before Christmas Eve. The popular attractions include small wooden shops of decorative items, handicrafts, wines (audience taste some variations of wine). Well, how can we forget delicious Christmas regional food specialities like crêpes, churros beignets, chocolates, cakes etc? So watch the video and convince yourself of the beauty.

The students of top schools celebrated Christmas with Le Frehindi -Paris during the Virtual Tour of Marchés de Noël, Lyon. – Here are the links. Tap on the link to watch the video.

The students of Birla Public School, Doha,

Phoenix Greens International School, Hyderabad,

The High Range School, Munnar,

GD Goenka Public School, Ghaziabad.

Trio World Academy, Bangalore

DPS, Gwalior.


Let your students have a wonderful exposure by participating in our virtual tours. Its rise in popularity is leading numerous secondary and post-secondary schools to explore new and unique ways to use it to enhance learning experiences. Let them become familiar with various aspects of French culture. Many schools have already experienced the fun now it’s your turn. Don’t miss the chance. Le Frehindi invites schools to explore and learn uniquely. Hurry up and register for the trip to this magical journey. For more information, you may visit our corporate site.

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