Top 10 reasons why a school should send their French Teacher as accompanying teacher for the exchange programs & scholastic tours to France.

A teacher accompanying any Exchange program abroad travels with the group of students not only for safety & security of students but also to help our host school & service providers in France to understand the students requirements more clearly & avoiding in the process issues that are linguistic & cultural in nature.

Here we are listing the top 10 reasons why a school should send their French teacher on such an Exchange / scholastic tour program of Le Frehindi, Paris :

  1. Language is always handy : This is the most obvious reason as teachers have the requisite language skills to help students while interaction with not only fellow students & teachers but with local population. 
  2. Cultural Context : Knowing language is one part but knowing the cultural context of a region & country is equally important & French teachers are in a better position to guide students. For. Eg greeting people with Bonjour before asking anything or saying “Bonne Soirée” instead of Good night or Bonne nuit to hosts in the evening.
  3. Translation of instructions : French teachers have the ability to quickly translate the instructions in English & Hindi for clarity’s sake as & when required at short notice.
  4. Indian context : Just like the French context the French teachers are well placed to explain in French the Indian context to host families / teachers or administrators. 
  5. Follow signs on Roads & streets : French teachers by training can follow the signs on the streets & roads like rules  that cycling must be always on right side of road thus making it more safe for students.
  6. Help Journalists & Media : French teachers are more likely to explain the nitty gritty of the program, its benefits & purpose to the Journalists & media cell which is often part of exchanges organised by Le Frehindi.
  7. Mayor office / Chef de establishment  : More then often Le Frehindi exchange programs are welcomed at Town Hall by the Mayor or chief of the local establishment & it helps to have a French teacher who could help our students with the discovery of the Marie system in France & how it shapes the life of French people.
  8. Pre & Post Trip events : A French teacher can help in better planning & roll out of pre & post exchange events partly because of the passion & partly because of the knowledge they acquire in the host school in France with their keen observation helps to produce wonderful results for school.
  9. French Teaching improves : When a French teacher goes on an Le Frehindi’s exchange it’s a value addition for the school as the teacher is expected to teach the students better with her new found knowledge about France not only in the spoken language but also in the cultural & historic context. The “been there & done it all & seen it all” attitude does give the teacher a new found confidence and resolve to teach better French in a better way. 
  10. Knows Team Le Frehindi : A teacher  is more likely to have known about Le Frehindi & its programs by way of either participating in our free workshops for teachers or by way of participating in contests like Intl. French spell bee etc & knows the right people to sort out things or seek a better deal for their school students. The confidence & trust that develops by working with the management of Le Frehindi is always priceless as teachers have experienced not only the transparency but also the genuine intent of our management to contribute to the experience, safety & well being of the students in a foreign land. 

The above  are 10 ( ten ) good reasons for the French teacher to accompany the Studnet’s group to France however there are just 2 ( two ) points which a French teacher or any accompanying teacher must keep in mind while travelling on such an exchange program :

  1. Your are there to take care of students :  A teacher is in France because of her schools students for the primary reason of taking care of them at all times. Confusing this trip with your a personal trip is the mistake that you can’t afford. All experiences has to be tied up to the experience of the students making the trip enriching to you as well as your students. For example the French are very particular about the timings & right from the day one a teacher should plan her day well in advance be it waking up students on time, pushing them for breakfast or making them sleep early for next day or making them follow the planning made by host school as per the document shared by Le Frehindi. 
  2. Ready for long walks : A teacher must be able to walk for long hours matching the steps of the students. We suggest all such teachers to start the walking practice abut 2-3 months in advance before the trip starts. In Europe walking trips are common & it’s a wonderful way of experiencing the local life especially in large cities like Paris, Madrid & Lyon even for the locals in Europe who are habituated to walk long distances. 

We hereby attach some of the pictures of French teachers who have successfully participated in our programs. 

We are in the process of preparing our next group in April / May/ June 2020.

If your school is interested to participate in 2020 do contact us. 

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