Summer camp- In the lap of the Himalayas

Summer camp is fun for students of all ages. Summer camps are designed to expose children to things they may not have a chance to experience during their normal life. Moreover, it provides children with the opportunity to meet people from other areas of the state or country. In many cases, children are able to make friendships that last a lifetime. Lefrehindi provides to let your children experience the true cultural exchange at Lefrehindi village. LeFrehindi village is a place for the perfect getaway. It is situated amidst the beautiful and serene Himalayan Mountains. The serenity of Frehindi village will envelop your entire being. Lefrehindi’s camps are not the same traditional summer camps you attended but a lot more than it.

Out for camping

Why camping?

Summer Camps are beneficial to students in many ways:

  • Build social skills: They engage in social interaction with other children of similar ages and interests which is an integral part of the modern-day lifestyle.
  • Independent: One of the other important benefits of camping for students is learning independence in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Learn new activities: Camp offers children an opportunity to learn ample of new activities. Most kids encounter activities that they would not experience anywhere else.
  • Improves confidence: With the help of great leaders and role models, attending summer camp can help a child’s confidence flourish.
  • Learn the importance of teamwork: During summer camps children are involved in different activities to work in groups. This prepares children to work in team which helps them in long run.
Fun in the lake.

Let your students experience it.

Get an amazing lifetime experience at Frehindi village. It is one of its kind. A place to unwind yourself and to connect to your inner self and explore the mysteries of nature with no interference from the outside chaotic world. We engage students in various activity-based workshops that include Importance of Organic food, adventure sports which includes grappling, rock climbing, zipline, and many more. Students will also experience the wonderful night safari with a wonderful star gazing session. We indulge them in the exciting Indo – French treasure hunt. They will also get to visit local schools where they can contribute by playing games and doing social service. The tour also includes a short visit to Chaul ki Jhali, Bhimtal and Mukhteshwar temple. After waking up to beautiful sun, clear sky and chirping of the birds, you will find yourself basking under the sun, reading a book, or going for a trek. During the night, you will be covered in the brightest blanket of stars that looks almost reachable and you will be closer to the galaxies than ever. The serenity of Frehindi village will envelop your entire being. Tap on the link to watch the students experiencing the serenity of the Lefrehindi village.

What we are offering?

Le Frehindi brings to you an excursion in the lap of the Himalayas, where students will spend 5 nights & 6 days program at Frehindi Village, Mukhteshwar, in the lap of Himalayas. The aim of the excursion is to help students become truly global citizens by providing them globally as well local exposure via this culturally enriching experiential learning-based program.

Overview of the plan:

The activities vary from week to week and are determined by the team.
Here, is the list of activities included. Here, is the itinerary of the same.

Highlights of the Trip : 
1. Experiential learning with mother nature by way of improvisation theatre.
2. Indo-French Treasure Hunt.
3. Visit a local school to share songs and games helping local students learn English.
4. Adventurous activities Rock Climbing, Rappelling etc.
5. Night Safari with Star Gazing Session.
6. Participation in local Mountain Folklore dance and Music around a bonfire.
7. Importance of Organic food & introduction to various fruit trees and medicinal plants of the Himalayas. 
8. Soft Guided Trekking & overnight camping for a longer duration trip.

Students out for trekking.


Camping provides students with an overall development exposing them to numerous challenges in all aspects of the being. Camping helps children to develop a sense of adventure. It will help in shaping a child’s way of thinking. According to new research, children who go camping do better at school and are healthier and happier. Students follow a routine and need proper care. So, if we can maintain their daily sleep schedule and routine similar to the way it is at home, we are well on our way to a successful adventure. We have a group of trained educators to ensure planning, proper implementation, and an adventure full of booze. Here, we are organizing scholastic & cultural camping to the Lefrehindi village for the students.

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