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New Job Opportunity for students of French at Innodata Isogen

Dear Students, Innodata Isogen (NASDAQ: INOD), an MNC, provides editorial, production and technology services to the world’s leading media, publishing and information services companies. They help information-intensive companies reduce costs and improve their creation of technical documentation and customer and product information. Their client base includes top defense, aerospace, information technology and telecommunications firms. They..

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Analyst Required in Copal Partners ( A2/B1 level will at advantage )

Dear Students, With approximately 1,200 employees worldwide, Copal Partners provides customized outsourced research, analytics, and consulting services to clients in the financial and corporate sectors. By engaging their teams, their clients are able to reduce costs while at the same time increase the quality and scope of their research and analytics functions. Copal partners require..

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Poème en Francias par Sudha

LES MAGNIFIQUE COULEURS Blanche comme le flocon de neige Bleu comme un ciel silencieux Vert comme les herbes mouillé Jaune comme le soleil brillé Gris comme les nuages sombre Qu’est-ce qui se passe Quand on mélange ces couleurs ensemble ? Il perd ses identités individuelles Est-il necessaire ? Chaque couleurs avons un individuelle identité et..

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Poeme par Nisha

voilet comme la couleur de l’amour dans ma vie en bleu Indigo est la couleur de l’intuition et la perception bleu comme le musique blues j’adore vert comme la vie est de retour après autoumn Jaune comme le sourire d’un tournesol au soleil orange comme l’aube du nouveau commence rouge comme mon premier amour ils..

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4 PhD Positions “Brain & Music” in the European Initial Training Network EBRAMUS

Thursday, 12 August 2010 4 PhD positions “Brain & Music” are available with the European Initial Training Network EBRAMUS (Europe BRAin and MUSic) in France and Belgium. Job description: EBRAMUS (Europe BRAin and MUSic) is a consortium of European research centres to study new perspectives for stimulating cognitive and sensory processes using music. EBRAMUS offers..

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Sanskrit & French

FREHINDI POEMSSANSKRIT & FRENCH Find it difficult to remember French words ! Here are some derived english words from Sanskrit. Enjoy and be proud ! SansKrit – English Mother -Matarah Kri — To Creat Sthita — to Stand Stambh — Stiff Such — Sadrisa Sun –Sura Sweat — Sweda Sweet –Swad (To taste Pleasently) Swear..

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Paris की un Soir

Paris की un Soir, Une नार, बार बार करे हमको Voir, हम ने भी कर ली yeux चार, Cette nuit il faisait froid mais Chaud थे दिल के तार, अचानक वह ऊठि – est venue près moi, मोटी आवाज़ मैं बोली – J’aime toi, Oh la la ! ये तो निकला मुंवा !

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