Improving Spoken English in Government Schools In Rural India

Communication plays a crucial role in conveying information, knowledge, and building a relationship in society. Its demand is increasing day by day and as if we can communicate and express our thought process to other people it helps in building a healthy relationship in society.

According to a report, English is the 3rd most spoken language, around 20% of the world’s population speaks English and this is not a hidden truth that Indian minds are the part of the best jobs, research, and almost in every field around the world.

36% of scientists in NASA are Indians, 10% programmers, medical doctors, people in Silicon Valley, employees in the top tech companies, and in almost every field we are available. India is emerging very rapidly in its service sector and nowadays it’s playing an important role in the GDP than the agriculture sector.

For children to speak and write English, the school teachers not only play an important role but at the same time the support of the parents is equally necessary.

The major role of the lack of English-speaking Indian students is their lack of interest in language. If we want the students of our government school to make us proficient in this language, then it is very important for them to first make them and their parents aware of the importance of this language and its consequences. To learn this language, we have to adopt a very unique and creative way, so that the passion of learning this language is awakened in them.

Starting training classes for spoken English as a part of the curriculum can help in enhancing English fluency. With effective teaching methods, the students of rural India can feel confident and speak English with fluency. Proper guidance from teachers and motivation is of utmost importance. Some of the ways to improve spoken English in government schools in rural India are as follows:

Listening English:

To improve the English speaking ability of students it is important that they listen to English as much as possible. Listening recorded speeches of great personalities, motivational speakers, & politicians, commentaries, weather forecasts, news bulletins, important school announcements, etc. can improve their English learning skills. Such type of listening activities not only help to improve the pronunciation & vocabulary but it will also help them understand the usage of words and phrases.

Speaking English:

An environment of English speaking can help students feel comfortable to speak. Every day small talks in English with family & friends, usage of English words in greetings, appreciations & showing gratitude are some of the things that can help in improving speaking English. To enhance the speaking English skills role-plays, dramas, etc. can also be conducted in schools on a regular basis.

Reading English Loud:

Reading exercises help in the linguistic skills of students. Students should be encouraged by teachers to read aloud English books and newspapers. Reading out loud in class turn by turn on different topics, news, good thoughts or stories, etc. is a great way to practice pronunciation. When they make mistakes in punctuation, pauses should be corrected on time.

Writing English:

Writing the English language is as important as reading and speaking. So students should be given such activities to write English such as writing a journal, creating study timetables in English, sharing their hobbies in English, holiday plans, etc on a regular basis so that they can write their views in English and understand the language better.

Spoken English Online Training:

English is spoken and pronunciation can be improved with the help of online spoken English classes or video lessons. For this we first need to focus on well available courses and many such works can be started that can help children from rural areas to speak fluent and confident English. Due to the revolution of the internet in today’s era the internet has reached even in small places like villages and towns and it has made it easy that today any student while sitting at their home can learn and study according to their pace, interest or whatever they want beneath the country or from anywhere in the world.

Activity-Based Learning:

Spoken English classes must involve students in the learning process through a different type of activities which can help inculcate academic & social skills

English Speaking:

The best way to learn English is by speaking English. In the lecture of English children should speak English and have conversations with teachers and classmates in English so as to remove the hesitation of speaking. This will create an English speaking environment where children can learn in a better way.

English Tongue Twisters & Word Games:

Tongue twisters and word games help in finding the right placement for your mouth and tongue. Moreover, this will also help in improving pronunciation.

Lack of attention:

Speaking English is a skill that can be developed among children but it is possible only with appropriate measures and attention. It is also necessary to improve the ratio of teachers and children in government schools, lack of classrooms and other facilities in the school. Due to these shortcomings in a government school, many children are taught in the same room, as a result, teachers do not able to pay attention to an individual child. Many teachers are also given other activities in school such as preparing mid-day meals, making ID cards, taking surveys, etc. which can be a major part of lacking focused education and skill development among government schools.


Debates on topics that interest children as per their age group is a great way to improve their speaking skills. Students should use vocabulary as much as possible in the debate so as to learn from each other about new words and this will also help enhance their vocabulary.

Movies & Comics:

Children love watching movies as well as reading comics. There should be classes for children every day so they can watch English cartoon movies/comics of their favorite cartoon characters. This can be a fun-filled and engaging way to improve the English vocabulary of children.

Teacher’s Training Programs:

Teachers should take part in online training programs where they can learn new ways to teach children with the help of technology. New and innovative ideas and activities should be shared in the training programs.

According to me by following these suggested measures we can work on the Improvement of Spoken English in Public Government Schools in Rural India.

Courtesy : Naman Sharma

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