Importance of French for a student going on a Study visa to France


France; a dynamic country with dynamic people and culture. Along with its audacity in the era of its beauty lies its culture and as the most important aspect of the culture is its language. In addition to this French is not just a language of people living in France, it is associated with most widely spoken diplomatic language, sharing the bites with the English language. So, now the question lies that is it worth for a student going to France from India to learn French, and the answer is Yes of course! As we all know that France is now emerging as the new choice for the students from India to pursue their education and build their life in France.

Learning a new language is always beneficial in terms of career growth, it can act as a cherry on the top of your resume and can drastically curve your career growth graph at any point of your life. So why not learn French and that too when you chose to be in France with French people. Now you must be wondering and scorching your head that if everything would be in English language that is the medium of study and later job opportunity so why there is a need to know French. In that case, I should remove the dust from your mind that if you are in France and wanted to get alongside with French people in your school or in your job which is pretty obvious you must learn how to enjoy the French culture and the language plays a very vital role in this thing. There is a very crucial point you should understand that it is the language only which makes you insider or outsider in a foreign land.

Study in France

For a student coming to France pre-equipped with the French language can save themselves from a lot of hustle and difficulties. They will surely be a step forward in comparison to their colleague and batchmates who came as it is without the French language knowledge.
If you know the French language it would be easier for you to communicate with the local people, purchase daily groceries, enjoy shopping the fresh fruits and vegetables in weekly markets by local farmers etc. Knowing French language in France can give you wings to fly without any obstructions. Another aspect of learning French language is very important for which every student decide to study in France is Job.

So, if you don’t want to get depressed and are not used to see the rejection for most of the time then your only weapon and savior is learning French fluently. Though people in companies and offices can speak French but there can also be chances where you will feel totally prisoned amongst the French speakers if you do not know the language at all.
So the big question is why to put yourself in that place where things can be out of control even when you can easily control  and be a chauffer of your own life and career.

Another great aspect of learning French if you can consider practical way of living and has a vision to build your life in France then for even getting a Driver license you need to know the French language. If you go to any prefecture (which is municipal office) then also you need to have your hand on at least some French words. Cut in short French language is not just a language for the French people it is their pride. So, if you also take their pride sincerely and respect their culture, they also appreciate your efforts to fit in and believe me that this can get you with ample opportunities one can’t imagine.

Effective 18th June 2021 the French govt. will start issuing visas for Indian students to come for short term as well as long term studies in France.

Without wasting a single minute and day you should get your hands the French language and make yourself well verse to get onto the field and score a goal. If you are well prepared before coming to France then surely you are reducing a lot of problems for yourself that you can’t imagine.

So, Voila! Bienvenue en France.

Courtesy : Akash Bhadoria

Warm Regards,

Team-Le Frehindi

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