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 “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up”, with these beautiful quoted lines, let’s begin the journey of help.

A society that helps in the improvement or upliftment of its citizens is the process that builds a powerful nation. When we talk about a strong nation, Education is the first requirement that clicks our mind, and hence the upcoming and emerging foundations or organizations who work in the frontline for helping the student, who is unable to meet the conditions burdened with the curse of poor financial conditions and making their lives brighter by providing them scholarships.

In the form of blessing, we have several organizations and among the rest, we have the best LE FREHINDI.

Let’s see what is Auroscholar powered “GO FREHINDI SCHOLARSHIP” all about?

Here are the highlights of the scholarship program :

1.Program for students in Grade 1 –Grade 12 of Indian Schools.

2.A Student can take 4 Quizzes with 2 retakes in each subject

3. Each Quiz has 10 Questions in MCQ format to be completed in 10mins.

4. A student who Scores 80% on a quiz gets a scholarship of INR50/Quiz

5. Means a student can get a scholarship of INR 1000 every Month!!

“Skill Development is the core to launching the Go Frehindi Scholarship”

When we refer to the below-mentioned list of objectives, it reflects the deep analysis done by le frehindi on the unseen problems of students which would be helping them throughout:

  1. Elimination of learning gap
  2. Creating a self- learning environment for students
  3. Motivation to learn
  4. Providing learning analytics to school, teachers and parent

When each of these objectives is analyzed on a priority basis, a student can achieve more and even think of the goals that were once hard to achieve.

Scholarships support money and the money is disguised in the form of motivation and breaks the barrier in a student’s life, which arises due to the lack of financial crisis.

Some of the benefits that the students can get after being the part of GO- FREHINDI SCHOLARSHIP are as follows :

1.The scholarship helps to lessen the burden of parents.

2.Students can easily participate in International competitions using their own money.

3.The amount earned also motivates Students to study well.

4.Students facing financial difficulties can always rely on scholarships.

5.Scholarship from a reputed institution with a certification.

When we orate on the topic that the students can fund their own passion, it simply means that the pocket money or the achieved money which the students will be receiving will help them in taking part in various events like Spell Bee Contest, Coding Olympiads, Camps, French books, training, and many opportunities further.

All these competitions will be associated with le frehindi.

We even came live for the training session on 20th July 2021, where lots of schools and their teachers, as well as students, took part actively showcasing their interest, in grabbing the scholarship and making the most out of it.

This scholarship is dedicated to those school teachers/coordinators who are interested to launch the GO-Frehindi scholarship in their school to not only fund various contests, books, events, certifications, or outdoor camps organized by Le Frehindi but also put pocket money in the “poche” of students, putting less burden on parents especially during the present sanitary crises & give a feeling of responsibility to the students where they learn to own up things.

Hurry up and book your scholarships, explore the world with your money, and embrace all the knowledge by taking part in various activities or events and utilizing the money, and upgrading yourself.

Schools and associated teachers may launch the GO FREHINDI scholarship and help the students in becoming more and more knowledgeable and bring glory to the school.

Hope that there will be huge entries, which will one day be the milestone of your life after the enhancements of your skills.

To know about such knowledge-building ideas, stay connected to Le- Frehindi.

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