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Pointers for Schools, parents and teachers to motivate and prepare children for The 9th edition of the International French Spell Bee (2021-22), conducted by LeFrehindi-Paris.


Last year, Covid-19 shifted focus and priorities for everyone in the world. From nuclear families to large businesses, survival instinct kicked in for all. Schools and independent educational organizations too, tried to cope up with the new upended reality. Amongst such critical conditions, a student’s education, extra-curricular activities and overall participation in various competitions was greatly affected.

The International French Spell bee conducted by Le Frehindi-Paris was also canceled for the first time since its inception. One of its kind in the whole of Asia and Gulf, The 9th International French Spell bee was a much anticipated event for every French learning student and was greatly missed.

We acknowledge the importance of French Spell bee and the beneficial experience it imparted to school students. Hence, keeping in mind the safety and well being of everyone, we have decided to conduct the International French Spell bee in 2021-22 again, in tandem with the necessary precautionary measures issued by governments.

Let us take you through few of the USP’s of The 9th International French Spell bee and reiterate some distinctive facets…

  1. Ease of Registration: The process of registration for French Spell bee is convenient, straightforward and extremely easy for both schools and individual students. LeFrehindi-Paris has created a landing page for the sole purpose of individual registrations and all types of UPI modes of payment are available. As for Schools, they can register directly through the official Le Frehindi website or request a special landing page dedicated only for their students.
  1. Preparatory Workshops: Most of the time, French Teachers and students are unaware about many aspects of the International French Spell bee. To aid students and teachers prepare for the esteemed competition well-in-advance we conduct multiple Free & Interactive Virtual Workshops. These are quite beneficial, in the sense that they clear all and every doubt contestants have regarding the spell bee. They also convey important information about the online Mock Tests and Guide Books, which are necessary tools for successful participation and are accessible by every candidate.
  1. Holistic Learning process: The International French Spell bee as a whole contributes towards a valuable learning experience for students. Students are integrated into a healthy competitive environment and there is a friendly rivalry among all participants. These contestants will ultimately receive a global exposure in the field of foreign language and pathways to a brighter future.
  1. Fluency in Language: Often children who are learning languages at school level, perceive it as just another subject to study and end up mugging or rote learning the vocabulary and grammar. International French Spell bee is the best platform that drives away such notions and engages students in a way that they start taking genuine interest in gaining language abilities. It also advances their cognitive skills, enhances memory, and finally gives them an edge during higher education.
About Go-Frehindi Scholarship
  1. Go-Frehindi Scholarship for financial support: A lot of parents are going through financial crisis due to the ongoing pandemic. In such cases any extra spending is cut-off, as a result lot of students avoid participation in any and all types of events. Taking this into account we have recently launched Go-Frehindi Scholarship. An online scholarship that helps students earn up to INR 1000/- per month as a pocket money. Students have to answer timed quizzes, categorized into 5 basic subjects. Any student scoring 80% and above will become eligible to receive the scholarship amount.
  1. Fun and Friendship and France: Virtual classes can construct a sense of loneliness in children, competitions like the spell bee thus become a source of relief. They provide a break from monotony in the pupil’s online education life. Kids often find French spell bee events fun and amusing apart from the learning growth it provides. French Spell bee not only boosts the confidence and morale of a contestant but also serves as an opportunity to make new friendships, and establish a strong bond with their own rivals. Lastly, the biggest motivation to students is in the form of a massive reward i.e. An all expenses paid trip to France!! The 3 winners across the three levels of competition will get win an excursion to Paris. A golden opportunity to learn, explore, discover and study the culture and lifestyle of the French.

We believe with the assistance of our virtual platforms, support from our partner schools, teachers, and all those associated with us, The International French Spell bee will be a mega-success event and achieve soaring heights globally.

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