Exchange Programs open for Indian students in 2022


To put it simply, a student exchange program offers a chance of studying abroad for a specific time period with the help of their home institute. Foreign exchange programs provide students with an opportunity to study in a different country and environment experience the history and culture of another country, as well as meet new friends to enrich their personal development. Every student’s study abroad experience is different, but the one thing they have in common is that the experience is a memorable one. The global pandemic had an immediate and acute impact on exchange programs. As Europe navigates the pandemic and its variants, institutions are optimistic about a return of study abroad. Here, Le frehindi brings in opportunities for an excellent study abroad experience for Indian college and school students looking to expand their global insight. Le Frehindi’s exchange programs have been covered by the French national television. Tap to watch it here.

How are exchange programs helpful?

Need more convincing? Here are five ways going on a student exchange programme will enrich your life – both academically and personally.

Exposure to a New Education System: Every country has its own education system. At students exchange programs, students get introduced to new to alternative educational methods, that they are very likely to bring back to their home country and exchange with peers.

Learn A New Language: When you go on a student exchange, you will have the opportunity to learn the language of the host country

Expands employment opportunities: Studying abroad expands your employment opportunity. In an increasingly globalised world, more and more employers are looking for students with international experience.

Build a global network: During your studies, you’ll meet a wide range of people from many different backgrounds. Some of whom might become lifelong friends.

Travel and explore: It’s a great opportunity to see parts of the world you might not have otherwise visited and experience it.

How Le Frehindi can help?

Le Frehindi, Paris has been organizing student exchange programs for the last many years with an aim to foster global citizens. With the planned itinerary, students get all-around experience and come back as well informed, decisive, strong-minded and independent individuals who can become open-minded humanistic global leaders. We have designed specific exchange programs for college and school students which are described below. Read the experience of an exchange student with Le Frehindi here. Discover Lyon with your students in 2022. Tap on the link to have a glimpse of the students exploring Lyon.

School Exchange Programs: These culturally & scholastically enriching programs have been specially developed in association with education authorities to expand the horizons of mind of the students. The students will stay in a hostel/hotel or with a host family so that they can immerse themselves in the local culture in a true sense. LeFrehindi, PARIS, is pleased to announce its special Golden Triangle Programs dedicated to CBSE / IB / Other local boards Schools in the Indian subcontinent & gulf countries.To watch our previous exchange program videos, click here.

Paris – Lyon – Geneva- Here is the link to download the brochure.

Paris – Lille – Brussels download the brochure.

Madrid- Buetrago-Toledo download the brochure.

Here is the link to download the brochure all our Golden Triangle Exchange Program.

School students exchange programs.

University Exchange Programs: Le frehindi helps students to select the best University for the course of their choice in France. There are three programs designed to provide global exposure.

Internship Programs: Internships provide them with a melange of corporate experience and University study programs. These are generally for 6-8 months.

Skill Development Programs: These are skills designed programs. For a short duration of 3-4 months. These programs are aligned towards the discovery of France. Le Frehindi collaborates with different universities in France and provides to learn from the best people. Learn abroad and contribute here. To create world-class products it is important to learn from the best. For example, French bakery is famous all over the world, Learn from expert french bakers, create and contribute in the native country.

Internship programs for university students.

Teachers Training Programs: Why teacher skills are important? It is important to be up-to-date within our field to understand the constantly changing market. Improving our skills and knowledge will enhance our self-confidence and keep us one step higher than our colleagues. This improves our chances of growth at the same company or by switching our job. As the environment is constantly changing, the skills required for dealing with them are constantly changing. We at Le Frehindi organise regular volunteer training programs every June for the teachers. Tap on the link to download the brochure.


Exchange Programs, International Internships, Teachers training programs(TTP) should be an important part of the curriculum in order to ensure the overall development of the students and the teachers. Le Frehindi team ensures to make new amendments in its programS designed for students and teachers. For instance: Covid – 19 blocked the way for the cultural trips, students were restricted to the online classrooms. Hence the concept of a virtual tour is introduced which not only keeps the student’s interest but also provides them with exposure to French culture. But now we are here with the option of exchange programs and training programs. We can help you to connect with schools in Finland on exchange programs starting January 2022. For more information stay connected you may visit our corporate site.

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